Low-Morale Experience Trajectory

The low-morale experience is a trajectory of events that occur for most people dealing with workplace abuse or neglect (Kendrick 2017). Review the trajectory below, and if this experience is familiar to you, consider participating in any of my ongoing data collection activities. The Trigger Event: Trigger events are unexpected and move positive or neutralContinue reading “Low-Morale Experience Trajectory”

Low Morale Frameworks

While the low-morale experience is a unique phenonemon, it can be housed within several frameworks, some of which are distinctive to helping professions like librarianship, and others that are found in the general workforce.  Burnout – physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion due to protracted engagement in emotionally demanding environments. (Pines & Aronson 1988) Compassion FatigueContinue reading “Low Morale Frameworks”

Report: The Renewal Presentation for Massachusetts Library System (September 2021)

In late September, I was hosted virtually by the Massachusetts Library System – I led an online Renewal Presentation event for the membership, sharing the data from my low-morale studies. The event was recorded for Massachusetts Library System members for them to prepare for the subsequent Renewal Colloquia, which are slated for October 6. BeforeContinue reading “Report: The Renewal Presentation for Massachusetts Library System (September 2021)”

A New MicroBlog Series: Red Flags

Red Flag (noun) : something that indicates or draws attention to a problem, danger, or irregularity. – Merriam-Webster Low-morale experience data and other anecdotes highlight that, for a variety of reasons, victims often discount or ignore early warning signs that co-workers (including leaders, colleagues, or direct reports) or organizations are toxic and/or harbor or promoteContinue reading “A New MicroBlog Series: Red Flags”

Book Haul: Mental Health

People moving through low-morale experiences often face a range of negative emotions and feelings, and these feelings can color how they perceive their relationships with organizational leaders, co-workers, and their long-term career outlook. The following books offer insight into recalibrating perception, emotions, and feelings. What would you add? Brandt, A. & Nohlgren, B. (2014). Mindful anger. London:Continue reading “Book Haul: Mental Health”

Impact Factors & Enabling Systems

The low-morale experience is one that moves through several stages, starting with a trigger event, moving forward to long-term exposure to instances of abuse and neglect, and then hopefully, successful resolution or mitigation. While the experience is launched by individual behaviors, it is also influenced and further propelled by external or internal factors and wide-spreadContinue reading “Impact Factors & Enabling Systems”

Mentioned: Job creep in special collections roles

Warren and Scoulas approach causes of burnout in special collecitons public access roles, citing that daily work often exceeds the duties outlined in formal job descriptions, along with how practitioners view these additional ephemeral work expectations.  Access the article (possible paywall)

New MiniBlog Series: Renewals Book Haul

As a practicing librarian – and also throughout my work surfacing low-morale experiences – I’ve come across several books that have not only illuminated my studies’ qualitative data, but provided deep context into the mental, physical, and emotional impacts of the phenonemon.  I’d like to share what I’ve found, so I’m starting an intermittent mini-blogContinue reading “New MiniBlog Series: Renewals Book Haul”

Report: The Renewal Presentation at the Northwest ILL & Resource Sharing Virtual Conference (September 2021)

Earlier this month I offered The Renewal Presentation for the opening session of the Northwest Interlibrary Loan & Resource Sharing Virtual Conference (NWILL). During the hour-long event – which included over 200 attendees – I shared comparative data from my low-morale studies, summarized frameworks for the experience, reviewed countermeasures, and answered questions. Before the event, attendeesContinue reading “Report: The Renewal Presentation at the Northwest ILL & Resource Sharing Virtual Conference (September 2021)”